The administration of a virtual or a dedicated hosting server is different than that of a regular shared hosting account, consequently if you need a hosting server of your own for web content or offline applications, you could encounter issues which you have not faced before. All system tasks on a shared server are addressed by the hosting provider, but if you have your own hosting machine, all of these tasks are something you have to cope with. In the event that a process freezes for whatever reason, for instance, or if the overload on the hosting server increases considerably, you'll have to take measures to restore the proper functioning of the hosting server. Doing that might be an issue if you have never managed a hosting server before and you don't have a lot of experience, so if that is the case, you may use the Managed Services upgrade that we supply. Along with other admin tasks, you willlocate a Monitoring & Rebooting service within the package, so our staff can keep a watchful eye on your server 24/7 and restart it if necessary.
Monitoring and Rebooting in VPS Servers
You could use our service with each of the plans that we offer since the Managed Services package may be added to any VPS server and at any moment. Not only will our administrators keep track of what happens with your Virtual private server, but they shall also discover what the reason for a specific problem was before they reboot it. In case a process is not responding, a service if off for some reason or some application starts taking too much processing time or physical memory, they'll react at once and shall do everything that's necessary to restore the proper operation of your websites. A number of automated checks for different system services shall also be enabled for the Virtual private server, so you won't need to pay big money to other companies for monitoring services, particularly having in mind that they can tell you about a problem, but can't do anything about it. With our tracking service you can save not only capital, but also time.
Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Servers
You can use the Managed Services upgrade with any one of our dedicated server services and you'll be able to add it to your plan with several clicks when you sign up or through the billing Control Panel. Our system administrators will activate a number of automated internal checks that will keep track of the system processes on your server and will guarantee its uninterrupted functioning. If any piece of software consumes far too much memory, uses a lot of processing time and affects the whole hosting machine or has simply stopped responding, our administrator crew shall be alerted right away and will take measures to restore everything within a few minutes. They can determine the reason behind the issue and reboot the hosting server if such an action is necessary to eliminate a certain issue. If you use our administration services, you will save money and time as you'll not have to monitor the dedicated hosting server yourself or pay to another company that can notify you about an issue, but can't do anything to deal with it.